Tiara Tips: AWHW

Ladies… grab your tiaras and head over to www.awhw.org for an incredible community of business women who want to connect, support and incredible training offers!

This is the group who put on the Super Business Models telesummit – it was FREE and it was FABULOUS!

Expert Entreprenuerial Women sharing insider tips and secrets freely with transparency and with incredible take aways for anyone who wanted to call in!

it was like drinking from a fire hydrant, it was so rich in content, motivation and inspiration! i am so grateful i chose to be a “Paris”model (access to transcripts, downloads etc)so that i can revisit this wealth of information again and again.

If you missed the summit, check out these superbizmodels sites: Carrie Wilkerson, Holly Rigsby, Jane Button, Nicole Dean, Lethia Owens, Pam Brossman, Amy PalmerMarta Costca, Kim DeYoung, Jenny Flintoft, Leanne Ely,and Kerry Beck

They are full of free reports, email subscribe to their weekly wisdom… and more

Get your tiaras on Girls… and learn from these other generous tiara girls! Join AWHW and don’t miss their incredible offerings.


About susiemiller

passionate about people, personal development, & shoes :) I educate, encourage & empower people to live their extraordinary life!
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One Response to Tiara Tips: AWHW

  1. Not only is a tiara great, a wand comes in handy as well! With a tiara and a wand, what can’t a girl do? LOL

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