5 Areas of Wellness

Choose to Be Well.  Is it that simple?  At one level, yes.  Wellness is a choice, a mindset, a way of life at its core.  At another level, no.  Wellness requires work, commitment, discipline… all words we often crinkle our noses at, “smelly, like day old fish”.  However, Choosing to Be Well is Worth It!

Wellness dictates our lifestyle.  I have dealt with a debilitating illness for the last 5 years, and it affected every area of my life, Physical Wellness, Emotional Wellness, Mental Wellness, Financial Wellness & Spiritual Wellness.

Physically, I went from a runner and active wife/mom/entreprenuer/therapist to a couch potato, needing a nap each day and unable to do what I had once taken for granted.  I battled chronically illness and my life changed dramatically.  I am beyond thrilled for the restored health that I now enjoy (a miracle of sorts and another story for later).

Emotionally, my relationships suffered, because i didn’t have the energy to invest in them… my kids struggled to understand and accept my limitations. (and i Really struggled with this as well). I struggled with feeling discouraged, battled to stay hopeful, and at times I was a difficult woman to live with, thanks to countless courses of steriods & antibiotics.  Try explaining your latest irrational outburst, tears or impatience to your hormonal teen or harried husband, who had picked up the slack.  Lack of Emotional Wellness wreaks havoc on your life and relationships.

Mental wellness goes fast when you wake up wondering every day why you are unable to physically do what your mind says it wants to do.  Dreams, ideas, creativity suddenly become hostiles, as they taunted me with possibilities that died before they ever even reached the sunlight.  After having attempted them one time too many, i learned to quickly shut the newest brainstorm down, so as to avoid more disapointment.  Mental wellness includes a sharp and active mind, and is often a safe place to hibernate when physical and emotional wellness are fleeting.  This helped… but only so much.

Financially,  my businesses not only changed, but could be measured by the ups and downs of how i was feeling, and thus how much energy and time i could devote to them… which of course affected my financial wellness.  On a positive note, it did require me to learn to delegate!  As struggle often leads to growth in unseen areas.  We rarely welcome the struggle, but are often grateful for the learning & growth that comes from the shadow times.

Wellness at our core is Spiritual Wellness.  A relationship with the Creator, an awareness that the soul is the most precious thing, only housed in the body for a season.  I asked God alot of questions, we had some head butting sessions on the “why and how” of these difficult years (it was not the first time, either).  My faith was challenged, my time worn beliefs – re-evaluated.  New questions and a deeper understanding beckoned.  At times I embraced them, at others I took a nap to avoid it all!

Why tell you this?  Transparency is a gift I offer. The ability to relate to others, to understand through sympathy or empathy are the basis of my work with others.  It is also the cornerstone of why I am passionately invested in helping others achieve Wellness.  These 5 Areas of Wellness are what make life rich and meaningful.  Balanced and Well in all areas is the Good life, and I am eagar to walk with others on this quest for wholeness.

I invite you to think about these 5 Areas of wellness and to evaluate which areas need growth or deliberate attention.  That is the only way things change:  deliberate action, choice, and effort. 

Choose to BE Well.  Easy or not, it is an Essential Choice.


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passionate about people, personal development, & shoes :) I educate, encourage & empower people to live their extraordinary life!
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