Be Afraid & Do It Anyway!

Of course we are afraid!  It is often said that courage is not the absence of fear, but action in the midst of fear.  It takes courage to succeed in your personal and professional life.  It takes Action even more! 

How many times have you thought of an idea, a project, a way to improve the world, (even your corner of it), and let that thought/idea slip through your fingers and right out of your mind.  If you are anything like me… far to often. As an Idea Queen,  i am always thinking of new ways to do, be, create, etc… some of them should go as fast at they come…but others need to be nourished and acted upon.

I “know” this…at core.  Don’t we say that often, “I know… or I should”  and then we keep on doing the next thing and days, weeks, months slip by and we have not taken action.  I suggest that we are often paralyzed by fear.

Fear: what if i fail, what will people think/say, how will i fit this into my already overloaded plate, and so the taunts go.  Just loud enough to shut us down.  I was told that FEAR is simply Fantasized Evidence Appearing Real.  And that is sooo true.

We imagine the remarks that we are “sure to hear”, the laughter and scoffing, that often never materialize.  Before we take action, we have already “fantasized & freaked” ourselves out of doing it! 

What if… you succeeded in your new venture?  What if the world became a better place because you took action in the face of fear… What if your family, friends and colleagues were supportive?  And then again… what if they are not?

They are not living your life, dreaming your dreams and wanting the more that tickles your thoughts and disrupts the daily routing.  YOU ARE!  It is about what You think and feel about you, your ideas, your life & your choices!  If God has planted an idea in our head/heart, who are we not to act on it? You are a child of God and thus uniquely equipped to carry out your ideas, dreams and plans.  Fear is a dangerous tool that keeps us from shining and being our best self!

In the end, there is much more to risk in “staying afraid and inactive.”  Being Afraid is Normal, so be normal, and then Take 1 step toward implementing your idea, do the next thing that will get you closer to your idea/project/brainstorm becoming a reality.  One step will ripple out and create more, build momentum and will make the difference you have been dreaming about.   And in doing so… you will may one more person the courage, inspiration and faith to take action as well.

i dare you…


About susiemiller

passionate about people, personal development, & shoes :) I educate, encourage & empower people to live their extraordinary life!
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