Idea Insomnia!

I first heard this term from Carrie Wilkerson, during a telesummit earlier this month and it has stuck with me.  Probably because i have had “idea insomnia” since then! Each night as when i lay down to go to sleep, my mind goes into overdrive… i have great ideas!  tons of ideas!  too many to write down  fast enough, in the dark (not wanting to wake my hubbie).  So i grab the pad of paper i keep by my bed, for such moments, and the pen… and the book light, all the time trying to be quiet, and by the time i get ready to write, half of the ideas are fuzzy! of course there are 3 more tumbling out and crowding out the first ones!  Does that ever happen to you?  So many good thoughts, ideas, languaging that comes when you are Not at your computer.  (i have thought about taking my laptop to bed!- not too cozy;)  considered the voice recorder, but that would wake hubbie, as would getting out of bed to run to the closet each time an idea hit me!  so… i write down what i can, in barely legible chicken scratch, and hope that it all comes back to me in the morning.

Sometimes, it does… More often it loses its clarity and brilliance from the wee hours.  And at that point i have a choice.  Sitting at my laptop in the morning, coffee in hand, idea notes scribbles from the night before… i can either dive in or give up.  At times, it would be easier to give up, don’t you agree…

but only easier for the moment.  In the long term, the  pain and consequences of not having acted on my ideas, thoughts, brilliant blog posts and book chapter, is far worse than the pain of working in that moment to capture something of the flashes of brilliance from the night before.  Hoping that by taking action the “brilliance” will return 🙂

This is so true in every area of life.   We are always making choices.  Even the decision to not make one is a choice of No Action.  We are always either moving forward or backward toward our goals/dreams.  There is no standing still.  Momentum ceases in lack of activity and the backward slide begins taking longer to rebuild. Just  1 day of not writing, running, taking care of my health, implementing the next step in my business strategy, investing in the imporant things (rather than getting sidetracked by the seemingly urgent)  …just 1 day and the momentum is lost.

Zig Ziglar tells a great story about priming the pump and the effort that takes, and the he compares it with the effort it takes to maintain it.  hint: Alot less!  (I’ve been reading some ZZ recently). This is one of the most crucial keys to success.  Activity.  Intentional. Purposeful Action, regardless of how i may be feeling in moment, that moves me toward my ultimate goal.  So coffee in hand… I choose to decipher a few scribbles that say “idea insomnia” and begin to write…


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