Dare you to…

Remember those words…”I Dare You!”  When I was younger that was all it took for me to go ahead and do it.  Quite often leaping before looking.  At times, it resulted in exhileration, surprise, change for the good, at others… a major crahs and burn.  But, even in those moments, there was an internal change- either a willingness to learn from the fiasco, get up and brush myself off, try again, or wise up and walk away… or allow fear to take root and reapond with more trepidation the next time I heard those words… I Dare you …

Today, I saw this video… And it reminded me of how simple it is… A Choice.  Personal, Singular, and almost constant as i walk through the day.  Living with intention, means living aware, proactive, daring to do by volition, not from fear but from faith that that is the best choice to get to the goal, the way to the dream in your heart.

Daring to Change, to Risk, to Do is hard… it is the first step of Greatness.  Few take it…there are times when i have backed away and regretted it… but then there are times, when i stepped up and dared to do it… and it made all the difference.

so… I Dare you to…


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passionate about people, personal development, & shoes :) I educate, encourage & empower people to live their extraordinary life!
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