Choose To Be Well…

It is a choice… more often than not…

We don’t like this reality, it means responsibility.  I know that there are some things that cannot be helped, things we cannot control, but there are far more that we can…like what we eat, how much we exercise, how we practice self care, what we think about, and who we spend time with, are all choices that we can make!

Each moment of each day we are either adding wellness to our lives, or we are taking it away.  There is no neutral.  We don’t idle as human beings.  We are progressing or regressing.  Progress can look like the quite stillness of idling, but that is a chosen rest…

I am not good at being still.  It is a joke among my family and friends about how I can’t sit still, how my mind is always on and how i talk with my hands… in motion all the time!  I do get alot done, but it is not always a good thing. Sometimes the better choice would be to choose to practice the discipline of being still, of choosing to “just breathe.”

i wonder if learning this practice earlier in my life would have prevented some of the illnesses i have  dealt with… i will never know.

what i do know it that i can make a choice Today… a choice to eat well, to move more, to protect my mind from the negative junk sailing through the air disguised as news/opinions/words of caution, and i can take some time to take care of myself. 

i was reading from Shelly Webb – The Intentional Care Giver and was reminded again that i can choose to take the time to take care of myself…and in doing so – I Choose to Be Well.  Shelly address a number of the 5 Essential areas of wellness in her post.  Emotional, mental, &spiritual wellness in expressing gratitude, mental & physical wellness in choosing to make the time for self care, even when it means arrange for another to care for your loved one… hard choices yes, but good choice.  (see what others you can find)

small choices every day, throughout the day will add up to wellness in each area i choose to make them.

what area can you make just 1 choice to be well today?

i would love to hear about it in your comments!


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One Response to Choose To Be Well…

  1. Tracey Marks says:

    Hi Susie. Great post. I’m a big proponent of self care. And I agree that it is a choice. Our priorities dictate our choices, and unfortunately women as nuturers put others before ourselves and consequently chose not to do things that promote optimal health.

    As for me, my current fixation is with forcing alone time to recharge my battery.

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