Color Outside the Lines…

Color outside the lines… it may not be your basic elementary art class advice, but one that is crucial to personal and business success as an adult. 

Do you remember being taught to color inside the lines, with the right colors:  grass=green, sky=blue, sun=yellow and so on?  Well, I do, and i wonder what would have happened if my art teacher has said, “forget about the lines, and the ‘right’ colors, just follow your heart!”  Can you imagine the creativity that would have exploded on the walls of the school?   

I think that being taught to only color inside the lines stunts our creativity and inhibits our willingness to risk and try new things.  We don’t realize this until we are older of course, because we are innately wired with a desire to fit in and so we “follow the rules” – even in art.  Then as we get older, we are stuck in the mainstream, doing things the way everyone is doing them so that we fit in.  And over time we often wonder why life has become “vanilla.”  Deep down we wonder if there is more… color, excitement, individuality, fun… but we often bury these questions and we just keep going.   The status quo can be a brutal task master.

Sometimes if we are really lucky, or open to change, someone comes along and invites us to color outside the lines!  What??  “I am allowed to do that!”  may be our first thought.  Let me answer with a resounding YES!  In fact, color outside the lines in any colors that you want!  This is were the spark of creativity begins the fire of individuality.  This is where change happens and the world becomes more colorful because we are willing to express ourselves and not just what we have been taught or what we think everyone else wants to see.

I am in this process as I am transitioning in my worklife.  I am exploringnew possiblities with an entire  box of colors – the 164 crayon size!  It is exhilerating and a bit intimdating, but I know deep down that the only way to fully ebrace the changes is to color outside the lines, knowing that it is ok to not do the expected and accepted.

Of course there is resistance both from within andwithout.  Change always brings resistance.  But i am choing to push through and ignore the “looks” from others that express concern or skepticism.  AFter all, it is my life, and only i can live it… what other people think will not dictate my direction, choices or life-picture!  How about you? 

As September begins & we start anew with schedules and back to school, I invite you to get a New box of crayons, the big one, and color a difference in your life these next 125 days of 2010!

Please share your life artwork here, as it will encourage others to do the same.  My art is in process, but you will see it soon.


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passionate about people, personal development, & shoes :) I educate, encourage & empower people to live their extraordinary life!
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One Response to Color Outside the Lines…

  1. Katie adomanis says:

    I LOVE this!!! You are amazing! I’m really excited about what your doing!!!
    Hugs and Belief,(Sound familiar, lol)

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