extended use of computer mouse can cause pain…

I have never had this pain before.  Have you heard of  “tennis elbow,” “runner’s knee?” Well, I have the new millenium “writers cramp,” better known as  “mouse finger/hand/arm/shoulder and now neck!”  from sitting at my computer all weekend taking an online web class, trying to figure out techie stuff, (oh, how i wish i had paid more attention in class, who knew it would be important…someday!) and working on various projects all requiring the computer and above mentioned sleek black mouse.

Now, I know that I could have taken more breaks, but I was excited to be learning and I can be a bit hyper-focused when need be. I did try to watch my posture while sitting (see my post on Miller Wellness Blog-and no laughing that being a proponent of wellness, a “life wellness consultant” I made non-wellness choices- staying up way too late, clicking away with little regard for the aches in my right hand, arm, shoulder…and my index finger! Who Knew!! ???)   And then i goodled it and found this:http://bit.ly/bvB0Fe  … guess alot of peopel knew, and i am just catching up. 

(Guess, I really do need to do a post on wellness at the computer/ how to “sit with intention” ie the intention to not hurt for days  or to slowly overtime ruin your posture… but to sit with the intention of sitting well, in a healthy posture that allows your organs to operate correctly, preserves & sustains your energy and gets the creativity out! )

The good news is that I have all be mastered the novice level of wordpress (now I know what to ask my web peeps for, and I can put up an offer page on my own if I am up in the middle of the night with idea insomnia … I know…wellness seekers, sleep!  …I’m working on it).

I did this because I am currently hurtling myself into bringing my work online.  For years, I have counseled, coached & mentored people one on one and in groups, in person most of the time.  And, now I am ready to take it bigger and broader, being able to reach and bless more people, with the limits of geography or time schedules.  It is exciting… it is also alot of work. 

I had blogged a while back…when blogging was just beginning to hit mainstream, but not Main Street.  I  fell in love with the idea of an online community, “meeting” people from all over the world  that I would never meet otherwise, sharing thoughts, stories, ideas, learning new things!  I blogged everyday, and my kids would give me a hard time, because they thought the lap top was attached!   But then I took  an extended sabbatical due to illness, and the online world exploded… I am playing catch up.  And it is fast & furious & fun!  I love learning from others online… my time, my schedule, my casual friday any day of the week!

Also, I’m excited about opportunity to work with and bless more people, sharing my gifts & talents with others on a much larger scale with the ease of skype, oovoo, tele-conferencing and webinars, etc.  (okay- relative ease).  There is nothing more rewarding than being part of the another’s journey of discovery and growth.  And there is NO greater privliege than being part of bringing their dreams to life.  I know that I am called to move in this direction and have to offer it on line to benefit others.  And i want to take others with me as well. 

For example, my assistant is the queen of clean out.  She is gentle but ruthless in helping me get rid of stuff… memory laden, no longer useful, dust collecting, clutter building stuff… that I have moved from house to house & room to room.  She has been part of these moves and the setting up of my office each time. She knows me well and that I am attached to the story that comes with each object… and so with kindness and unquestionable clarity she has helped me sort through and throw out…

She has categories for making these decisions and when she lays them out before me, the choices are simpler…I think she should write an ebook or guide to getting rid of the junk in your life.. she could write about the “how to get rid of literal junk” to go along with “how to get rid of the metaphorical junk” which is par of my work with people. Wouldn’t you love to get an online program… “How to Get Rid of Your Junk, Your Guilt & Your Gremlins!” They are related…in case you wondered-but that is for the online course:)  Wouldn’t that be great?!

So, I will work on her, she has so much to offer! And, we are settingup my new office for the rest of this week, so my “computer finger, hand, elbow, arm, shoulder and neck” will get a bit of a break.  In the meantime, I am open to any and all suggestions for an ergonomic keyboard & mouse, as this is sure to a recurring issue with all the books i have yet to write!


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