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…”and I went in seeking clarity…”

Monday morning… spent most of the weekend “offline.”  It wasn’t hard to be offline, since it was a busy weekend with family and friend.  We had our 2 1/2 year old niece overnight- she was delightful and who needs to … Continue reading

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Dare to Be Remarkable

I was given this magnet as a gift, years ago when I began a new business venture.  I loved it!  It spoke of the belief that my friend had in me, my vision and my ability to impact others for good … Continue reading

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extended use of computer mouse can cause pain…

I have never had this pain before.  Have you heard of  “tennis elbow,” “runner’s knee?” Well, I have the new millenium “writers cramp,” better known as  “mouse finger/hand/arm/shoulder and now neck!”  from sitting at my computer all weekend taking an online web class, trying to figure out … Continue reading

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Color Outside the Lines…

Color outside the lines… it may not be your basic elementary art class advice, but one that is crucial to personal and business success as an adult.  Do you remember being taught to color inside the lines, with the right … Continue reading

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Eat, Pray, Love

I saw Eat, Pray Love yesterday.  Good movie, just don’t read the book first, or suspend your desire to see “the book” on film and be willing to enjoy the story. First of all, Julia Roberts once again lives up … Continue reading

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Choose To Be Well…

It is a choice… more often than not… We don’t like this reality, it means responsibility.  I know that there are some things that cannot be helped, things we cannot control, but there are far more that we can…like what … Continue reading

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Dare you to…

Remember those words…”I Dare You!”  When I was younger that was all it took for me to go ahead and do it.  Quite often leaping before looking.  At times, it resulted in exhileration, surprise, change for the good, at others… … Continue reading

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